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Price List

Price List

Important information.

1.The plant that will be collected at a show, the cost for shipping we will update on the invoice.

2.The price list  is subject to plant avaibility and may change without notice.

3.Our prices are in US Dollars.

4.They payments can be done by paypal to:

5.This price list replaces all previous price list.

6. Climate

W=Refer to warm growing orchids that come from 300 to 1000 m., temperature range 20 to 40 celcius, humidity 60%, light exposure high.

I= Refer for intermediate environment, orchids that come from 800 to 1800 m.,temperature range 15 to 25 celcius, humidity 80%, light exposure low, good air movement.

CI=Refer to orchids that come from 1600 to 2300 m., temperature range 10 to 22 celcius, humidity 80%, light exposure media.

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Price List

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